Friday, October 27, 2006

The Feminist Conspiracy

“We have to be careful in this era of radical feminism, not to emphasize an equality of the sexes that leads women to imitate men to prove their equality. To be equal does not mean you have to be the same.” -Eva Burrows-
Who is to blame these days for turning a lot of impressionable females in our region to feminists and lesbians and destroying their lives?? I’m sure this question will rise a lot of eyebrows, but I do believe this is the case and its not only in our region but it’s a global trend that started in the mid 30’s in America, and taking the middle east by storm.

Before we get all cynical ladies (and few men who think that the easiest way to a woman’s “trousers” is to advocate feminism) let us explore this so called feminist mystique, learn about the history, causes and effects, and future direction. I call upon anyone who feels strongly about this topic to express their opinions as I intend to investigate in the coming weeks the “Feminist Conspiracy”.

P.S I do believe women were and are being oppressed, but feminism and women liberation is not the answer.


Bella Color said...

Im soooo against Burrows! Just because women are asking for their rights & equality, it doesnt mean that women "imitate men." Im not a man hater, but the world doesnt revolve around men! Therefore, not everything that is done has to be about men.

What do u think the answer is truthseeker?

Truthseeker said...

Dear Friend,

Why jump to conclusions and start being all defensive when you didn’t even get to hear all the facts? Eva Burrows (the one you object to strongly) was born in 1929, and has been serving the Salvation Army for over 40 years, In addition to holding a PHD in liberal arts. Let’s give her more credit and try at least to understand what she was implying in her quote. :)

I think what she meant by imitating men is reversing roles in society. In other words, giving women power and independence. Women become ticking bombs when given those two elements…we will discuss further why.

Truthseeker said...
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Anonymous said...

Basek tefelsef truthseeker wallla people had enough!!!!!!! A7es lawa3t chabedhom :)

Potential Waste said...

I'm a female anti-feminist. And that's all there is to it. I can't handle all the equal-rights bull that's being sung. What feminists are fighting for today, they'll wish to reverse tomorrow.

NewMe said...

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wraithlike said...

Feminism is a big subject to debate about. Nevertheless, I will comment.

Damage done by radical feminism offsets any gains as far as I can tell: they have turned women into hybrid creatures, half-men/half-women. By succeeding in this, feminists hit the root of the family: the mother. By destroying family, they have made society more docile and hence governing became easier.

Read: Brave New World for Aldous Huxley, 1984 for George Orwell, and The Garbage Generation for Daniel Amneus. They are enlightening.

As a side note, I am happy that I found a Bahraini who is sharing these important subjects with me, welcome aboard man!

Your Battlefield said...

so true feminisim and women liberation isnt the answer, i cant wait to see the upcoming posts concerning "feminist conspiracy"

June said...

Wraithlike, I like your references to Brave New World and 1984. Where's your blog?

Truthseeker, I agree with Burrows. What is the answer?

Truthseeker said...

I apologies for the long absence, been very busy with my professional life, never the less:

Potential waste: I agree with you 100%...lets try to make this view clear.

Wraithlike: Thank you for sharing that thought…I could’ve not said it better.

Battlefield: I’m rather surprised you share the same view…I will try to highlight some facts in the next post.

June: I will ask questions to get us thinking…then perhaps we can look for answers together.

No3iK said...

anonymous: talk about ur self.
his blog is smart and special

anyways truthseeker ifeel like beating up with a stick!
or is it "3ajra" thats what guys call it :p

anyways man! this has nothin g to do with bradshaw here ... but bring it on!

there is feminists, extreme feminists and anti-males ...

so what are u and who are u talking about exactly,,
there are those who want to bring hope and power back to those who lost it, there are those who want to be wearing pants in the relationship and society which is im personally against a woman should be proud of being a woman, proud of her femininity, and doing what ever she is passionate about with out being restricted or repressed.

i believe in social rights, i belive in polistical rights to but to a limit.
i believe a woman cannot be better than a man nor can he better than her coz theyre different. they can both be great in different ways.

i also believe being cereer oriented as i believe being a house wife is great also, as long as it is her choice to be.

so what do u think of that..

and yes im being kinda bitchy
but u know how i get when it u im discussing things with:p dont hate me.

ps: i didnt check what i wrote and i can imagine its full of spelling mistakes and probably most of it didnt make sense, but i get like that when im excited :)

Ammar456 said...

Men and women aren't the same. I remember I did a whole speech on this back in college (public speaking class) and was met with a bunch of angry onlookers. But that's just the truth. I don't necessarily mean one is better than the other, they're just different, they're supposed to do different things on different levels. That's it. Equality is overrated.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

There are women who just don't want to be part of a political movement. They don't want to be considered revolutionary, or God forbid, man-haters. (That's another interesting point: Feminists have been alternately accused of hating men and of wanting to be just like them!) Well, in terms of the changes needed to create a society where women can live a full, self-determined life, we may need to be revolutionary! As to man-hating, I quite honestly don't know any feminists who sit around engaged in idle male bashing. Most of us are too busy doing more important things. Neither do we wish we were men. On the contrary, we celebrate our womanhood.

So while I've never been exactly sure of how to construct modern feminism, I am fairly certain about what it means to me. For me, personally, feminism has been the proactive opposition to sexist oppression. It is my belief in and fight for women's full participation in society, our equal access to the same rights, privileges, pay and status that men have historically enjoyed.
Just don't call us all feminists.

"If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, together women ought to be able to turn it right side up again." - Sojourner Truth

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