Saturday, October 22, 2011

Egypt: Setting the Stage for WWIII?

My reply to Mr. Henry Makow, my beloved author and writer on conspiracy theories, in which i disagree with his analysis over orchastrated reveloutions and real reveloutions:

The article by Dr. Makow (1 Feb 2011):

In order to make sense of the day's headlines, we need to recall the big picture. Long ago, the London-based Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banking cartel realized that to enslave humanity, they needed to use guile. Their unvarnished goal would meet universal opposition; so instead they fostered myriad needless conflicts in order to divide and conquer. Their main strategy was to use their control of both sides to foment gratuitous but extremely costly wars. The First World War, Second World War, Cold War, Korean and Vietnam Wars etc. were all means of increasing their power and wealth while debilitating humanity in countless ways, including death, destruction, demoralization and debt.The Illuminati may be setting the stage for a new world war. The template for the popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt (and potentially Jordan and Saudi Arabia) is the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Here the Illuminati replaced a loyal puppet, the Shah Reza Pahlavi with the "fanatical" Islamist Ayatollah Khomeini resulting in the trademarked "Clash of Civilizations." This is documented in Robert Dreyfuss' book "Hostage to Khomeini."Now they may be replacing loyal puppet Hosni Mubarak with a Muslim Brotherhood/ Islamist regime, ratcheting up the tension, and oil prices. All our "leaders" are essentially stuffed suits. They're puppets. (The role of the media and academia is to legitimize them.) The masses do not rebel unless they're organized and financed by Masonic bodies like the Muslim Brotherhood who serve the Illuminati bankers. This is what happened in the American, French and Russian Revolutions. All of this is bad news for the ordinary Jew-on-the-Street in Tel Aviv. It presages another major war in the Middle East, possibly heralding a world war. It is not bad news for the leaders of Israel or America, who are Freemasons just like the Muslim Brotherhood. These "leaders" want a deadly conflagration: Masonic Islamists vs. Masonic Zionists! They're all satanists sticking it to humanity. Have you noticed how calmly Israel has accepted a Hezbollah government in Lebanon? All the better for war! "The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World," Masonic Grand Commander Albert Pike wrote in 1871."Agentur" means "agent." The same term is used in another Illuminati document "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" which dates from the same period. The key point here is these wars are contrived. They are "caused by agentur of the Illuminati" on both sides. These agents owe their first loyalty to the Illuminati not to their countries. Their aim is to destroy their respective countries and profit from the carnage. Pike continues: "The [third] war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Muslim Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other."The rest of the world will be drawn in. "Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion..."At this point they will be constrained to accept the Luciferian one-world government.So this is the hidden agenda which explains our leaders' reactions to the demonstrations in Cairo. The Israelis give support to Mubarak because it is the kiss-of-death. But the Americans discreetly signal for him to go, better to advance the Illuminati's lethal hidden agenda.

My Reply (Feb 6 2011):

Dear Mr. Makow, Being a big fan of your liberating articles and enlightened philosophy, I must admit I am slightly disappointed with your analysis of the middle eastern dynamics, specially relating to the revolution in Iran. I am writing you today so I’d introduce you to a new concept, which is the true “resistance”. Perhaps your exposure to the conspiracy for such a long time has blurred your vision in identifying the good forces in this world. When I started researching this topic, I became very depressed and thinking that satan’s army is enslaving the world and there is nothing we can do about it. Then I subscribed to the notion that there must be an opposing force in action, that does oppose the diabolical plans, and at least in many cases delay the agenda by years, the revolution in Iran did exactly that. In today’s world, only handful of countries/organizations oppose the NWO (New World Order), naming few would be Iran, Hizbolla, Veneuzla, Hamas, and perhaps the new Egyptian regime? We have to understand that not every orchestrated even by the illuminati has a desirable outcome. Lets examine the facts: The Shah was an American puppet by all means, his agenda to “westernize” Iran (including women “liberation”) was defiantly a NWO plot, and Iran was a leading force for pushing that agenda. In fact Arab gulf states also were looking towards Iran with admiration for the high status and special treatment it received from America, it was a role model. The prior revolution by Mosadaq was suppressed by CIA and Shah was reinstalled. Khomaini was opposing the shah for 30 years. The revolution wasn’t purely Islamic in nature at the beginning The revolution was fiercely opposed from the beginning by America & Co. in an 8 year war (Iran was practically fighting the entire world) Hizbolla (Iranian extension) has defeated the Israeli army myth in from 1982 until the incredible victory in 2006 I ask the following question: why remove a loyal puppet and install an unpredictable character like Khomini? Why wage an 8 year war without achieving anything on a puppet? Why negotiate with puppets over nuclear programmers? Compare that to puppet regimes…second gulf war ended in few months, why?? (saddam was a puppet)Osama bin Laden gave America an excuse to invade the middle east, why?? (puppet)Arab Israeli war’s end in few days…why? (arab leaders are puppets)Iranian color revolution receives 10 billion aid from CIA, why?? (opposition controlled by puppets) You have to learn to distinguish between “orchestrated” wars and revolutions and true wars and revolutions.