Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"

Written back in 29/05/07:

We are what we think:
This statement is very true in my opinion. We are nothing but the accumulation of thoughts, information, and emotions over a period of time (the average human life). These are the elements, which form a distinctive human personality, like no other on the face of earth. If this is true, then we need to answer a few questions before further exploring issues, that us humans consider as our principles and beliefs in life.

The human mind:
The human mind works in a very mysterious way, not even tenuously explained by modern science. In fact modern day science is totally incapable of addressing many of the elements that comprise what we call the human intelligence.

What is the human mind? Is it the same as the organ we call the brain?

It is proven that the brain stimulates electro-magnetic pulses that travel through the nerve system, and controls the human behavior and actions. That is followed by exchange of messages between the brain and five sensors in the physical world we call the human senses. But we still don’t know what initiates thought in the brain, in other words who is in the driving seat? Who is taking charge of the human body? Science has no answer, for others the answer comes through religion, and religion tells us that the observer in every human body the soul. That is the clash between science and religion, because science can’t explain something that can’t be expressed in physical terms and measurements, therefore we call the soul a “meta-physical” concept, hence not physical and cannot be explained through physical terms.

How does the mind work?
The human mind is responsible for intelligence. And intelligence comprises two parts, logic and creativity. Scientifically this is explained through the division of the brain to left half and right half. The right side of the brain is responsible for the creative and artistic side of the personality, and the left side is responsible for the rational and logical side of the human personality. The two components are variables, and they are dependant on other factors that makes them vary from one person to another. I illustrate further in the diagram:

Our perception of life:
Our perception of life is basically the flow of information we have been fed throughout our lives. The brain, from the moment of birth, starts recording all the information it receives in the subconscious level. Over time these information formulates our system of beliefs. Now who is to say that the source of information is positive or negative? That’s why we need a benchmark that we can test the information against. A filter if you well that will help us distinguish what is right and what is wrong.

We are the result of mass brainwashing movements:
Unfortunately, life is not that simple, and we get exposed to various waves of brainwashing throughout our lives by: parents, society, culture, government, education, media, religion…etc. And that’s why we need to find the ultimate truth that was given to us by God through true knowledge, not through the various means that humans have imposed on us in order for us to be controlled and manipulated. This brainwashing compromises our decisions in regards to understanding to what as right and wrong.

Where is the truth?
The truth needs searching…you can only find truth by de-learning what you believe is your ideas and understanding. Because our brains are fed filth for our entire life (in most cases), we need to erase whatever prejudices we have accumulated over the years in order to reach a meaningful truth.