Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hidden Messages (Part 1)

What does the Simpsons cartoon, Eminim, Edgar Allen Poe, W.A. Mozart, and a movie starring Jet Li named "Cradle 2 the Grave" have to do with each other??

Not really easy to establish a connection. But I will reveal a secret, all the above have been used and took part in a mass propaganda campaign that has been constructed to condition people into thinking in a certain way. In other words, we are constantly going under mass hypnosis sessions to prepare us for something taking place in the near future.

I will be posting in the coming months a new set of articles for the purpose of documenting the “hidden messages" that I was able to uncover in the various channels of the main stream media.

Lets start with the most recent one, I watched this last night, Simpsons DVD set, season 8, the very last episode in disk 4 called "The Canine Mutiny". The episode is about a new dog that Bart buys to replace santa's little helper. Now the new dog is trained very well and is capable of doing a number of tricks, including shaking hands. Along comes Monty Burns (An old character who is an evil, selfish, opportunist, capitalist tycoon) and shakes the dog's hands enthusiastically for a couple of seconds. As he walks away, he tells his assistant Mr. Smithiers, "I think he is a skull & bones".

What Mr. Burns was implying is the fact that members of secret societieses (including the skull & bones) use secrete hand shakes to identify each other. Order of Skull and Bones is a secret society based at Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut. The movie "Skulls” was based on this existing elite fraternity at Yale. Henry Masociety aboutbout societycity in one of his articles:

William Huntington, an American who had studied in Germany, founded the "Skull and Bones" at Yale University in 1832. They wore a death's head on their chests and were sworn to secrecy on pain of death. "The Order" became the preserve of the leading New England families, many wealthy from the Opium trade. buckles, Lowells, Sloaharmingns, and Harrimans. The Bush family was dependent on these interests.

For banishment years, "Bonesmen" have run the world from positions in banking, intelligence, media, law and government. Members included Presidential handler Averell Harriman, anti war leader William Sloan Coffin, Time-Life magnate Henry Luce, Truman war secretary Henry Stimson (responsible for dropping the atomic bomb), pseudo conservative William F. Buckley and many more.

In the 1960's British-born Dr. Anthony Sutton was a Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institute when he discovered that, in spite of the Cold War, the US was supplying the USSR with its technology, including weapons used against American soldiers in Vietnam. Sutton dug deeper and discovered that Wall Street had sponsored both the Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of Nazi Germany. The resulting books which are on line cost Dr. Sutton his academic career.

In 1983, Dr. Sutton received a list of Skull and Bones members and immediately recognized the names of many men who controlled American policy. He published a book entitled "America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones" (1986). He updated and republished this book just before his death last June at age 77. Here are some of his conclusions.

"The Order" is " a purely American phenomenon with German origin." Dr. Sutton compares it to the Round Table, Cecil Rhodes' secret society at Oxford also known as "The Group." The American and British entities consist of 20-30 dynastic families each. Jewish banking interests connect them.

"The links between 'The Order' and Britain go through Lazard Freres and the private merchant banks... 'The Group' links to the Jewish equivalent through the Rothschilds in Britain... 'The Order' in the US links to the Guggenheim, Schiff and Warburg families."

We have successfully established a link between a cartoon show and one of most secretive and most powerful organizations in the world. The question is, why did message did Matt Groaning (creator of the Simpsons) want to deliver??

(To be continued)


ScarlO said...

"we are constantly going under mass hypnosis sessions to prepare us for something taking place in the near future."

I just finished reading a book that talks A LOT about this very issue. I'll probably post about it in a few days.
Nice blog you have there. Keep them posts coming :-)

Truthseeker said...

Scarlo: I'm just getting started, I will wait for ur post.

James A Bond said...

Yes William F. Buckley was indeed a pseudo-conservative and we have to ensure this term replaces "conservative" and "neo-conservative" as these are misnomers. My blog is based upon this distinction. I have a post specifically addressed to WFB.

Anonymous said...

I've discovered a page that shows a Skull and Bones membership list for anyone interested.