Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why Capitalism?

The closest to being in control we will ever be is in that moment that we realize we're not.” - Brian Kessler -

Definition: “The concept of capitalism is commonly understood to mean an economic or socioeconomic system in which the means of production are predominantly privately owned and operated for profit, often through the employment of labour.”

I can clearly establish a common ground between Capitalism and Privatization. Capitalism is responsible for creating the suitable environment - economically, socially, politically, and legally - where Privatization can thrive. Then we will be able to evidently witness the power balance, as it shifts towards corporate supremacy, as oppose to government.

If we also combine the above fusion with the good old “why?”, we can find a motive for this condition to exist. If we assume that there is no substantial reason for this relationship, then we won’t be able to justify the current trend that’s taking the world by storm. Therefore I was able to conclude that the objective is to dominate our lives (consumers) by manipulating the aspects of the environment mentioned above.

Corporations are the most suitable mean to carry out this plan, since governments failed utterly to accomplish that -perhaps deliberately- throughout the imperialist era. It is extremely hard for us to accept, for instance, American political influence in Bahrain. Yet we easily accept with open arms, a corporate package in the form of a FTA agreement with that same government. (I think that was a bad example since we seem to accept both, in Bahrain and GCC countries)

Scope is also very important to decide the size of this wave of unified forces. This is where we can understand the widely circulated concept of globalization. If we also add the dimension of time; these unified forces are reacting in an incredible pace everyday, traveling at the speed of thought, or in other words creating what we preserve as our perception of reality it’s self.

By applying Einstein’s theory (E=mc²) with small alteration:

Ŵ= śc²

Ŵ= World Domination
Ś = Social Sentiment= the combined forces of (capitalism + privatization + globalization)
C= The speed of light (as a cosmic speed limit)


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