Monday, May 08, 2006

Da Vinci Code...Decoded (2 of 2)

"A half-truth is the most cowardly of lies" -Anonyms-

What was going through Dan Brown's mind when he wrote the novel? I know he was given a task, to push for a new plan, a counter attack, a massive attempt for a new wave of brain washing, but what is the objective? After a lot of thinking I came up with a very logical answer that is very straightforward, I will first discuss the means:

When you suppress truth, you will defiantly raise suspicion. Raising suspicion means people will start asking questions, and asking questions is the one thing Conspirators try to avoid. The only threat to the "elite" is being exposed; these people derive their power from their ability to conceal their identity. What identity? As far as the average citizen is concerned they dont even exist.

Dan Brown's uses a classic method of Manipulation, I discribe it with this equation:

(Truth) x (½) = (Lie) x (2n)

Half the truth = a lie with magnified applying this rule to Brown's book:

Only reveal a small aspect of the truth (in other words Half-Truth) , add a twist of action and suspense, claim that the book is based on undisputable facts, completely ignore all the hundreds of opposing views by prominent scholars, sit back and watch your media controlling masters promote the book, sell the rights for the making of the movie (movies have further reach and wider audience than books therefore more brainwashing), plan a staged court case with your publishing company (to get more publicity before the movie premier), get rewarded handsomely by the puppet masters for being a good pawn.

The underlying hidden objectives of the Da Vinci Code:

1) Eradicate all suspicion in regards to conspiracy theories by making them public, in other words, using conspiracies to eliminate conspiracy doubt, after all it can't be a conspiracy if everyone knows about it. (After applying the half-truth rule, we end up only exposing few names and events, but at the same time twisting the facts to mislead people and divert them away from reality).

2) Undermining the Christian faith and all religions in general. This one of their main objectives to establish a global secular state. My prediction....expect a Da Vinci code with an Islamic flavor very soon.

3) Establishing a false connection between the Merovingian bloodline (European monarchs still in power today) and Jesus. (The significance of this connection will be clarified some other time)

4) Inflating the feminist bubble by addressing the topic of the divine feminist deity depicted in Mary Magdalene. Women empowerment is another objective the "elite" are pushing for, women empowerment = dysfunctional society=manipulation and control. (This is another topic that needs further elaboration).

Please bear in mind all the points I have mentioned when you go watch the movie this month, for you will be armed with true knowledge.


tooners said...

I, for one, believe that it is a possibility. There is VERY strong evidence behind it. If you're basing everything on the movie, then you should do further research on the topic. I was raised Catholic and I've watched programs on this and there are many in the church who do not argue this, they even say there is a high probability that it is accurate. There are many many facts to back it up... that Jesus was married, that is.

Personally, I do not feel that it puts down women or faith. Jesus was a man after all.

Truthseeker said...

Whither the story is true or not is not important, you completely missed the point. This whole issue with marry Magdalene is only one version of the events, I read a lot of opposing opinions that made more sense to me than the theory Brown advocates, yet their theories are completely ignored... perhaps deliberately?? Ok I will leave that for you to think about.
Now the point I was trying to convey is that Brown (and associates) chose this version of events because it fits nicely with the ideas they are trying to promote.
I’m a Muslim and naturally I will first reflect on the events from the perspective of my religion. In the Quran there is no reference to Jesus being married, not that I object to that, in fact it is compulsory for him as a prophet to get married. But there is a chance he didn’t because he lived a very short life with heavy burdens. Otherwise, I believe that he could’ve been married.
Beside the point, the novel undermines the Christian faith to a large extent. If you are told that the pillar on which the Christian faith was built on, is in fact a big lie, and that there is a conspiracy to hide the truth undertaken by the Catholic Church … what would you think about going to mass on Sunday? How will you perceive the church’s credibility from this day forth?
I’m not defending the Christian faith, I’m defending religions in general because I believe it’s a conspiracy against God himself…and my religion is next.

Thank you for your comments.

tooners said...

I don't think the Quran would have mentioned Jesus being married because "that" wasn't something that was really discussed back then. And yes, based on the fact that he was a Prophet and that was pretty standard is just more reason to believe it is true.

I personally dont think this is all about undermining religion - but that's my take on it. I think it is to bring out the truth.. and I want to know the truth. No one has the right to hide facts when it comes to these things. No religion has a right to do that.

Anonymous said...

i watched the movie last day and i felt the mysteris part of it , and even thought the film and noval focuse on the marrige between juses and marry Magdalene but i felt that thier was ahidden massage to declare the fact that Juses is not aGod and thiers onlY singal god and thats hes only prophet ,i used TO study the history of the Christianaty estaplishment and thiers is astorng evedens support what been told by the novel

Anonymous said...

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