Sunday, October 08, 2006

I think…, therefore I exist?

I find anything relating to the human psyche very intriguing. What is the human “mind” anyways? Most of us relate the process of thinking to the brain…why do we scratch our heads in desperation when we are looking for solutions or ideas? Does the brain generate thoughts? Or is it the mind??

Totally different and separate concepts…the brain, as the physical organ that synchronizes the bodily functions, and the mind…which I can’t find a proper scientific definition for, simply because we DON’T know how it functions or what triggers it.

An example of the existence of the mind…. Plants are living, smart organisms…they breathe, they feed, they grow, they reproduce, they have self defense mechanisms…yet the have no brains!!! Another example…white blood cells, it is proven that these cells do behave in a very intelligent manner. White blood cells manage to communicate between them selves, join efforts when defending the human body, and amazingly manage to learn from their past experiences…yet they have no brains.

Where do we draw the line between the two worlds? What is physical and what is metaphysical? Will these questions help us find our souls?

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No3iK said...

very very interesting.

well something gotta be wrong with my stupid blood cells, coz im regularly ill atleast once every week!!

hehehe gotta get their "brains" checked or something..

anyways, enough with me being silly.
i realy liked this post.
i mean i was able to relate to it
and ... the line is there now for sure i know its there
but : to find ur soul, is impossible. we only find it, only after we lose it.
its either our body or our soul we cant have both.
so when "IT" leaves this body, then i can see it, and feel it.

what im trying to say is, u cant have both, its on or the other.

when im alone, when its dark, when i cry i sometimes slightly feel its presence.