Friday, September 15, 2006

Israel: The Biggest Question Mark

I’m sure all Middle Eastern people –except for the ones who died prior to 1948- have asked themselves this question at one point of their lives, Why is Israel so special?

Why is it that some countries and foreign regimes care about the wellbeing of Israel more than Jews themselves?

The Fact:
All major global events and wars (past, present and future) occur for the following reasons:

1) Stabilizing the Middle East for Israel, in terms of neutralizing the corrupt regimes in the Middle East (regimes that they have installed). This is basically interpreted by: 3 gulf wars, 4 major Arab-Israeli wars, 1 very long civil war and a recent genocide in Lebanon.

2) Eliminating any form of armed resistance that might cause distress to Israel’s security.

3) Forcing the Mid-Eastern corrupt regimes to sign peace treaties with Israel, and thus providing an exceptional sense of security to Israel, since most of their borders are protected by Arabs.

4) Conditioning Middle Eastern people to think and behave in a way that will lead to accepting, or simply ignoring Israel.

Still, we didn’t answer the big question: how does the world justify Israel’s existence?

The official theory: (poplar in the west)
Israel is the rightful homeland of the Jewish people, the so-called Promised Land. And since the Jews “allegedly” were prosecuted for the past 3000 years, by Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans, Christians, Muslims, Communists and Nazis, they deserve the chance to have their own sovereign state, accommodating them on their divine Promised Land!!!!

The official conspiracy theory: (poplar in the ME and third world countries)
Politically and financially prominent Jews around the world pressure Western governments to acknowledge and support the Hebrew state, and protect its interests.
Jews in America are by far more powerful than their counterparts around the world. Through their dominance of vital industries (financial, media, educational, defense, etc.) they employ that power to support lobbies that significantly influence the American political process….complete crap.

The unofficial conspiracy theory:
The fact is that the whole Israel issue is NOT a Jewish conspiracy. Jews are not the masterminds behind the chaos and devastation in the world. Jews are being framed so that we can have a someone to blame for our misery. Of course ignorant Jews fuel these sentiments through their racist and discriminative behavior.

Sure enough, there are Jews conspiring at the highest levels, but is it a Jewish conspiracy … ?I don’t think so. There are radical Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and even Masons who are more concerned with the Israeli establishment than Jews themselves. The Israel conspiracy is much bigger than race, religion, or political agendas.

Israel is in existence today because it is the future kingdom of the second Messiah. Jerusalem is the city where the future returning king will rule, from the re-built temple of King Solomon.

Before the king appears, certain events must take place (This is based on Ezekiel’s visions & the book of revelations. It is not necessarily true, but this is what the “they” believe and will insure happening):

The battle of Armageddon: The word Armageddon is in fact derived from the Hebrew word “Har Megiddo”, meaning “the hill of Megiddo”, a site north to Jerusalem where the final battle is to take place. i.e. WWIII

Gogg & Magog: The same armies or demonic like tribes mentioned in the Quran, they will invade Israel but will be defeated eventually by God. Many Israelis believe that the Arab wars were basically the invasions of Gog and Magog, and since they did win those wars, the only step left is…

Rebuilding the Temple: The site of this alleged temple falls directly on the site of the dome of the rock in Jerusalem. Jews believe that their messiah will only appear if the temple is rebuilt....And finaly..

Birth of the King (The Beast 666): The returning, the once and future king, also depicted historically as Nimrod (The first king of Maspetomia), Horus (The Egyptian Messiah..son on Osiris & Isis), King Solomon, King Arthur, Alexander the great, Jesus etc.

I have my own reasons to believe that he is already born....


June said...

What are your reasons?

June said...

And aren't the King and the Beast 2 separate entities? Why have you put them together?

Truthseeker said...

The beast and the future king are the same entity; it just depends from which angel you look at it. His people view him as the future king, and as described by John in his book of revelations…he is the beast and his mark is 666.

The prophecy reveals that this King will come in peace and appear to be good. Until he decides (by free well) to form an alliance with the devil to rule the world in his name, and start the rebellion against God on earth.

I was just thinking about this the other day, what is the name of the 3rd part of Lord of the rings trilogy? …Return of the King!!! I will write a post exclusively revealing the hidden messages in that movie…and they are a lot.

As for my reasons…I wish not to reveal them for the time being. :)

No3iK said...

i wold love to comment with something useful here
but ive never been into these things.

i just wanted to appreciate ur effort :)
good job.