Friday, May 05, 2006

The Redefinition of Truth: Words from the dictionary of a modern-day politician

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” - Lenin -

If you are one of those people who believe in the integrity and morality of politicians these days, and that you can actually trust these politicians to run your country and make all those vital decisions that will virtually shape your entire life and the lives of millions, then please stop reading now.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who at least have a slight doubt about the whole political process, and that you’re not quite sure what’s really going on in the world of decision making, then there is a chance for you to re-discover truth. The truth that was taken from you the day you were born, the truth you are meant to search for during this lifetime, and the ultimate truth you will be given back the moment you die.

To be realistic, not all politicians are dishonest and sleazy. But a lot of them are manipulated, influenced or even blackmailed to play by the rules. To be successful as a political decision maker you have to submit to the forces which set the global trend. A global trend which currently pushes towards globalization, deregulation, free trade and eventually a global big brother police state.

George Orwell, a famous English novelist, wrote back in 1948 a famous book entitled “1984”. In his book, Orwell made very precise predictions on how the global forces will intrigue us to accept the New World Order and the big brother state. It’s still a mystery how Orwell was able to delineate his rather precise insights, perhaps he had prior knowledge or was aware of the grand plan.
Whatever the case, Mr. Orwell’s contribution set the ground for the modern political mentality that the media spinners constantly work to camouflage; here are some of the terminologies:

American Interest: the interest of those who control the United States and anyone working against this control is acting against “American Interest”.

National Security: the security of the authorities to hide their agenda and the control of the people through increased security, to meet manufactured demands.

Anti-government groups: any organization that seeks to highlight and challenge government dictatorship.

Extremist: anyone saying anything different to the government-supported norm.

Nation building: after bombing and invading a target country you place a puppet government in power to represent your interest while claming it is the government chosen by the people.

Peacekeeping: occupation of a country by foreign troops.

Peace Process: giving the impression that you are working for peace when it is merely an illusion before launching more conquest through war.

Terrorist: those who protest through violence, but also anyone who attacks or challenges the interests of the “West”, especially America, Britain and Israel, or stands in the way of further conquest.

War on terrorism: the constant repeat of this process.

Attack: when America and Co. are the target.

Retaliation: when America and Co. attack.

First strike: when America and Co. attack first in retaliation for what America and Co. claims their target country could do to them.

Self-defense: killing the other guy before he even thinks of killing you.

Western values: these are values you want to impose on others, but don’t have yourself.

Campaign contribution: bribe.

Education: brainwashing.

Good citizens: slaves that do not protest at being so or even realize that they are.

Equality: make everyone a slave.

Democracy: elected or unelected dictatorship in which the majority often vote for the losers.

Crime: breaking a law passed without our agreement.

Freedom of the press: freedom to report the official version of events.

Human rights: the right to do what the government tells you.

Tolerance: do not criticize or challenge the behavior of anything and anyone, no matter what the circumstances.

Zero-tolerance: tyranny.

Free trade: using slave labour to make your products in the world’s poorest countries for a few cents and exporting them without tariff charges to the richest countries to sell for top of the range prices. Also means to dump your products in any country you wish and destroy the local economy and livelihoods of the world’s poorest people.

Competition: transnational corporations competing to see which can exploit the global population most effectively.

Propaganda: whatever your opponents say because you only tell the truth.

Freedom: slavery.

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Zainab Alkhawaja said...

Attack: when America and Co. are the target.

Retaliation: when America and Co. attack.

SO true...

good luck wih ur blog.